Welcome to DePro

We aim to provide you access to DeFi through a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent way. In DePro, everyone can easily build crypto portfolio and generate crypto earnings here with fiat currencies in one click.      

Feel the Quality

Our Product Ecosystem

 DePro is a one-stop digital asset management platform, meeting all-around financial needs.

We aim to make DeFi more accessible and efficient, since everyone deserves access to DeFi which can empower them to create a better life. If more people can get involved in DeFi easily, the world would be better.

Friendly Trading Environment

Dual access mode

Everyone can open an account via a centralized way like email, telegram and connect via a decentralized wallet to start the DeFi journey easily. What’s special is that DePro has a unique Telegram built-in log-in port. Users can manage your social network and wealth in one platform.

Muti-currency trading

We currently support crypto and 5  fiat currencies, making it possible to pay for products internationally.


Convenient interfaces

Our platform facilitates access to diversified products and services through a convenient user interface.


Integration of protools

We seamlessly aggregate DeFi protocols and DApps, which helps you find the best portfolio with minimal effort.

7*24h trading hours

Cryptocurrency markets open at 12:00 am and run through to 12:00pm, so you can open and close positions 24 hours a day – even on the weekend.


Top-tier Protection for your digital assets

Secure storage

Secure storage

we store the vast majority of the fiat currencies and digital assets with 7*24h security monitoring.

Strict supervision

Strict supervision

All assets are transparent and trading can be traceable on blockchain networks. 

Reliable operation

Reliable operation

Relying on innovative technologies, we will ensure a stable and reliable operation. 

High-quality service

High-quality service

Our professional team has the knowledge and expertise to address any question.

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